Mechanical Design

3D Model of MagiCoil v1.0

● 45 mm high (coil being 40 mm high) 18.5 cm x 10 cm long.

● PCB placed 2.5 cm up from bottom of the shell.

● Current hole between coils and PCB set at 10 mm wide by 3 mm high.

3D Printing the Handheld Device

• The manufacturing of this MPS handheld device uses the 3D printing technology.

• 3D printed objects can have a very complex shape or geometry and are always produced starting from a digital 3D model or a CAD file.

• By using 3D printing, the manufacturing fee for MPS handheld deivce can be largely cut down.

3D Printed Coil Molds

Device Shell Mechanical Design

Material Properties

• Polylactic Acid (PLA)

• Natural transparent color

• More environmental friendly

• High strength

• Odorless

• Transparency. The nearer the source of light to the surface of the shell, the more visible it is. The thickness of the wall is about 1mm.